The Dolls

A Universe of Dolls in the Cardano.

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About The Dolls

The Dolls is a multi-collection of NFTs. We explore the intersection between digital art, serialized collections and procedurally generated NFTs.

Everything interconnected with the development of tools and resources that help seize even greater growth opportunities in the NFT sector.

#VooDoo first collection

In this collection, we delve into the enigmatic world of Voodoo dolls, offering a captivating and thrilling NFT expansion for your portfolios.

With 10,000 supply created from a rich palette of base elements, we deconstruct the stereotypes surrounding voodoo dolls, showcasing them as benevolent figures that are ingrained in many cultures. Join us!

Design Architecture

  • 01

    Build Process

    The Voodoo Collection features richly detailed and unique characters, the result of a creative process that involves the combination of 18 distinct layers solely for constructing the character's body.

  • 02

    Mixed Heritage

    20 distinct races of characters, each with an ancestral family. When a character is generated, it can be born as a pure race, of a single race, or with a combination of races and family heritage, mixed heritage.

  • 03

    Total Supply

    The total supply is 10,000 characters. The collection is divided into 05 houses and each house has a supply of 2,000 Voodoos, generated non-organically from the native race of their respective house.

  • 04


    Starting an engaging and coherent context for the audience, adopting an approach that ensures a well-structured and captivating story, paving the way for a diverse and rich cast of characters, elements, tools and resources.

Races and Crossraces

Starting Roadmap

  • May, 2023

    Supply generation and Mint platform

    1) Artwork completion; 2) Collection supply generation; 3) Mint platform definition; 4) Launch strategy; 5) Prospecting for institutional partners.